What Is Quickbooks? (Online, Pro, Enterprise & More)


You’ve heard of Intuit Quickbooks but you’re not particularly sure what it is. In fact, all this software stuff is pretty damn confusing sometimes, isn’t it?

Well, today I’ll explain in simple terms what quickbooks is and what quickbooks does. I’ll also go over various quickbooks software, including quickbooks online, quickbooks pro, and quickbooks enterprise.

So what is quickbooks?

Quickbooks is a set of software developed by Intuit. Their software does many important things businesses and companies need to run efficiently.

Some of the things Quickbooks can do are:

  • Manage company payroll
  • Manage company inventory
  • Manage company sales
  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting and running reports

Quickbooks software comes with more than just management software. You’ll also get access to high end merchant services, tools for marketing, and training solutions for employees.

The bottom line is this: Quick books is mostly an accounting type software that helps businesses track their finances. The big benefit of software like quickbooks is that they are designed to help business owners manage their company finances without needing much knowledge of accounting and finance.

Quickbooks helps track how much money comes in to your company and how much comes out. And their software has a ton of tools to help you manage this as detailed as you like.

Learn what quickbooks is here

What is Quickbooks Online?

Quickbooks online is the same thing as regular Quickbooks, but your data will be stored in the cloud. This basically means your information will not be stored on your local computer, rather it will be stored in servers elsewhere (the cloud).

The benefit of this is that you will have access to your Quickbooks data no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection. Data that is stored on a computer will only be accessed using the same computer.

Quickbooks online lets you manage your company the same way a non-cloud service does.


  • Tracking your expenses
  • Keeping records for tax season
  • Sending custom invoices to others
  • Receive payments online
  • Run reports, like profit and loss and balance sheets
  • Perform payroll duties

What is Quickbooks Pro?

Quickbooks desktop pro has been around for much longer than their online rival quickbooks online.

They are different products in that Quickbooks pro is a desktop software.

Therefore, accessing and using the software will be different.