Redotex Review: Redotex Diet Pill Review


One thing about Diet products is – either they help or they harm. The contempo fitness freaks and dieters must have heard of Redotex, the Mexican Miracle Diet Drug that comes with its own bone of contention.

While losing weight is no duck soup, a lot of health and diet supplements extend kindness by helping you boost your metabolism and curb the hunger pangs. Same goes with Redotex. This online selling product claims to help you lose about 6 pounds in just a week!

But whether it delivers as promised, or is yet another dangerous product- no one is sure yet. So let’s try and find out how authentic Redotex is!

Redotex Review

Redotex was founded and launched by the Mexican drug brand ‘Medix’. It is a rapid weight loss drug made up of Tri-iodothyronine, Norpseudoephidrine, Atropine Sulphate, Aloin and Diazepam.

Tri- iodothyronine (T3) – An extremely metabolically active Thyroid hormone that can influence a number of physiological functions in our bodies.

Norpseudoephidrine – Is an Amphetamine that boosts metabolic and energy generating hormones.

Atropine Sulphate – A prescription drug used to treat Pesticide Poisonings and Slowed Heart Rate.

Aloin – is the yellowish sap taken from the outer leaf of Aloe vera. This laxative boosts bowel movements and treats constipation.

Diazepam – Another prescription drug that calms down your mind and body.

Price and Quality

A 30 tablet pack comes for around $115. Medix, the producers of Redotex are allowed to ‘legally’ supply it in Mexico ONLY. They do not sell it on any official website. However, there are multiple third party online sellers who sell Redotex without any prescriptions.

So all in all, Redotex being banned by FDA in US, can legally be purchased in Mexico only. If you decide to purchase it online, there is no money back guarantee. Plus, for its ingredients, the prices offered are way high.

How authentic is Redotex?

There is no scientific data that supports the role of Redotex in losing weight, although the US Food and Drug Regulation Authority claims it to have health repercussions if not taken under the strict supervision of a doctor.

The product can ‘legally’ be attained only on prescription from a licensed physician based in Mexico. In fact, the sale of this weight loss drug is banned in USA. People who wish to use it can either get it from Mexico or try to purchase it online.

While customs agents on US-Mexico borders are authorised to detain and seize it, the only option left is third party online sellers.

Does Redotex Work?

Redotex is more of an amphetamine. So there’s no question on its workability. But the main concern would be- Does it benefit?

Well, there aren’t many user testimonials online that prove its benediction. The ones present on the web claim it to be a heavy drug that must be administered only under professional supervision.

While a lot others affirm it to be unworthy of the risk. Redotex can slow your heart rate and augment pressure on your nervous system. Besides, if you are already taking any depressants, laxatives or stimulants, it is advisable not to use it.

Possible Benefits of Redotex

Redotex claims to

  • Reduce weight by almost 6 pounds in a week
  • Boost your energy levels exponentially
  • Accelerate your metabolism
  • Curb your hunger

Possible Side Effects of Redotex

The list is quite drawn-out and backed by many Redotex users:

  • Redotex is basically a combination of stimulants and depressants. That in itself is a fatal combination.
  • FDA states that the combination of medications used in Redotex have the potential to be deadly or extremely harmful.
  • People who administered Redotex reported to have experienced hallucinations, exhaustion, electrolyte imbalance and other diuretic effects.
  • It is banned in the US. That explains things, a lot.

Particularly with the specific ingredients, the side-effects list is soaring. For instance:

Tri- iodothyronine (T3) – This medication is administered to people with serious alcohol addiction. If the dosage is not correctly defined, the results can be quite troublesome.

Norpseudoephidrine – This potent appetite suppressant can cause high blood pressure, anxiety, muscle spasms, thirst and sweating, agitations and nausea.

Atropine Sulphate – it increases heart rate and reduces saliva. Other than that, users may suffer from constipation and hallucinations.

Aloin – is said to possess carcinogenic properties. Besides, it can lead to dehydration, loss of electrolytes and nutritional deficiencies.

Diazepam – This being used to treat drug addiction, anxiety, etc., the use of Diazepam cannot be seized just like that. Withdrawal symptoms would include anxiety, vomiting, dehydration, irritability and depression, mood swings and co-ordination problems.

It is, in fact, believed that some of the ingredients are added for reasons unknown. For example, Atropine Sulphate and Diazepam cause more harm than any benefit in weight loss. Besides, none of the ingredients are advised for a long term use. And taking this drug in random doses is simply prohibited.

Other Helpful Tips for Weight loss

There are many other methods that can aid your weight loss regime without any side effects.

  • Drink loads of water. It is the best Detox agent that costs you nothing!
  • Add a spoonful of lime juice in water and drink it every morning.
  • Say goodbye to all kinds of beverages that are high on sugar like cold drinks, thick shakes, etc.
  • Have a protein-rich breakfast every day.
  • Prefer a highly fibrous diet instead of all the junk foods.
  • Eat your food slowly and chew properly.
  • Don’t go for 3 heavy meals. Instead, eat at regular and short intervals.
  • Don’t get sedentary after your meals. Go for a slow walk after you eat, to boost metabolism.
  • Go Green!


Long story short, Redotex is a heavy drug that should only be consumed under your doctor’s supervision. Its list of side-effects is long and strong. There is possibility of heart stroke, drug addiction or even death. And for the vast health hazards it can produce, the trade off of a few inches is really not worth it.

With so many if’s and but’s, it’s wise to shift to other, less controversial options of getting in shape. Hit the gym and work upon your bad eating habits. Short cuts as Redotex may help you with rapid weight loss, but continue to show their aftermath for years.

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