8 Free Press Release Templates, Formats, & Forms

Writing a Company Press Release can often be more tedious than fun. You can spend hours trying to frame the perfect written statement to be presented to the media, that should also be crisp as well as informative. Or you can save the pains by simply getting yourself a Press Release Template from the Internet.

There are many websites offering skillfully framed Press Release Templates online. And if you are still a believer of DIY, you can even get many Press Release writing tutorials.

Here are a few top websites to get the ready-to-use press releases from.

Google Press Release Templates

Google images is undoubtedly the first choice to get press release templates from. You can get the generic as well as area specific templates here. There are Ap style press release templates as well as ones customized for a particular event or occasion.

All you need to do is simply click on the template of your choice and download it in your system. You can then, make the necessary changes in the content and format, if required.

I highly recommend Google Press Release Templates for professional as well as personal use.


Press Template Press Release Templates

Press Template is another proficient website offering perfectly scripted Press Release Templates. It offers 15 versatile templates for various occasions. So whether you need a template for an event, product, website or app, Fashion or Technology, or any other area, you can avail it here on Press Template.

You can get Press Release Templates in Docx, PDF and Doc formats. The printables can be downloaded free of cost. You can also learn some tips and tricks to write a Press Release yourself.

I suggest this site if you are looking for a template personalized for your area of expertise.


PressReleaseTemplates.net Press Release Templates

At Press Release Templates, you get plenty of options to pick from. There are about 67 different press release templates here. You can either download a free Doc version of the template of your choice, or download the entire collection of Press Release Templates at very reasonable prices. You can then, personalize and print them whenever you need.

This one is a highly trusted source for press release templates. Hence, you can trust its usability and professionalism.


Latex Templates Press Release Templates

This website offers a 2 page template for immediate use. The template can be edited online in Overleaf, or can be directly downloaded in as a .zip file.

Latex Templates is a highly trusted website for press releases. You can download its template free of cost and put it to use.


Word MS Templates Press Release Templates

Here, you can avail 6 distinctive press release templates absolutely free. These templates can be edited as per your requirements and used immediately.

You can download a professionally written template or download a blank template to fill in with your own content. I highly recommend using the templates available on this site.


Reading Press Release Templates

University of Reading provides expertly compiled press release template for office and personal use. So whenever you have ample workload and need to find ready to use templates online, this is just the place to be.

This website also offers expert guidance in case you have any issues with the press release. Also, you can avail thee templates in different format on special request.


Casa of NJ Press Release Templates

Casa of NJ is a non-profit institution working for the benefit of children who are removed from their families due to neglect or abuse. There website showcases a number of offbeat Press Release Templates. The areas mostly include fund raising, sponsorships and such related fields.

So if you are looking for a Press Release in similar field, you can get highly professional write-ups here.


Small Business PR Press Release Templates

Here at Small Business PR, you can download ready to use templates and also learn the art of writing press releases quickly and proficiently. You can easily use the website’s Press Release wizard to create and format a suitable news release. The finished product will be mailed to your directly.

This website is quite handy and hence can save you a lot of time and effort. I suggest using it from small and medium scale businesses.


Tidy Forms Press Release Templates

Tidy Forms is often the first choice of every professional looking for a News Release Template. These templates are available in DOTX and PDF Formats. You can download the template of your choice directly in your system and put it to use.

I highly recommend Tidy Forms for all kinds of professional and personal templates. It is a widely popular website, so you can trust its credibility.


Forms Birds Press Release Templates

Forms Birds offers about twelve different styles of Press Release templates. You can use the template of your choice as it is, or make the necessary changes to make it more personalized.

I highly recommend using Forms Birds for Press Release Templates. You can download these templates free of cost and start using instantly.


Pressat Press Release Templates

If you are not much familiar with the Press Release writing skills, Pressat is at your rescue. The templates available here is well-structured and formatted including Date Format, Headline, Summary, Body, Text, Final Information and Notes to the editors.

Pressat offers Press Release Templates for businesses and will soon add a separate template section for bands and musicians. I suggest this site if you are looking for perfectly formatted templates.