Free Jeopardy Templates (Game & Powerpoint PPT Templates)

Jeopardy Templates are the latest vogue now a days. With the advent of the Smart-learning concept, teachers are expected to come up with cutting edge teaching methods. Therefore, in order to make the learning process more interesting for the students, Jeopardy Games are the latest ‘in’ thing.

Originally a popular TV Quiz Show, the Jeopardy game soon became a hot shot in schools. Teachers have started to use the online templates while also creating ones of their own. They put their personalized GK questions into it to prepare their students for tests or introduce a new unit.

There are many websites offering ready to use Jeopardy templates for educational purposes. Here is a list of some most popular ones.

Freebies About Jeopardy Templates

About Home provides the best solutions for your Jeopardy Powerpoint templates. These templates will help you create personalized Jeopardy games to enhance the learning abilities of your students. Jeopardy templates on Fractions, Geometry, Bonus Questions, Vocabulary, etc., can be downloaded from this site in minutes.

All the templates available her vary in their requirement of customization. You can even avail ready to use jeopardy games here. I highly recommend this site for schooling and homeschooling purpose.

Edtech Network Jeopardy Templates

Edtech also provides a number of Jeopardy Powerpoint templates for better education. With the evolving educational needs of the students, these templates enable the teachers to provide diverse experiences to their kids. Additionally, it also provides a list of sites providing pre created Powerpoint Jeopardy Templates.

I recommend using this website for its skillfully crafted jeopardy templates. You can download them free of cost and put to use immediately.

Jeopardy Labs Jeopardy Templates

Well, unlike all other cliché websites offering Powerpoint Jeopardy templates, Jeopardy Labs allows you to create personalized Jeopardy templates without using Powerpoint. And another amazing feature is that it enables you to play your created game from anywhere in the world.

Also, if you are too stuck up in your routine and wish to use a ready template, you can avail it here in Jeopardy Labs. No registration or fees is involved in the process. A highly recommend site, you can use its services absolutely free.

Super Teacher Tools Jeopardy Templates

This website provides a custom Jeopardy Review Game to be used online. You can find a new game and join it live, or create one of your own. The options are multi-functional here, in that you can put them to multiple classroom uses. This tool is an interactive way to analyze the content in your classroom, meeting, etc.

Super Teacher Tools provides many other features like adding YouTube videos to your questions. You can access the site on portable gadgets as Phone, iPad, etc.

I recommend this site if you have a viable Internet access in your system or cell phone.

Youth Downloads Jeopardy Templates

Designed in 2015, this modifiable Jeopardy template has gained momentum in very little time. This 13mb file has music, theme song, updated graphics, sound effects, smooth animation, the Daily Double and Final Jeopardy. You can access the website’s YouTube tutorial to understand the process better.

The templates are available free of cost, although you can donate any amount you feel, to help the website function. I recommend the template available on this site for its advances features and functionalities. Jeopardy Templates

At, you get more than 20 PPT, PPTX and POTX formats to download. The templates available here help you assess your class performance before exams or on a general basis. You can even avail a blank jeopardy template to fill in according to your requirements.

I highly recommend this site to incite new ideas among the children.

Tidy Forms Jeopardy Templates

Tidy forms is a highly trusted site offering jeopardy Powerpoint templates. It also gives you a detailed note on how to download and use these templates free of cost. These templates can be downloaded with sound feature.

Another highly recommend website, you can avail the templates in PDF and PPT format. The templates are commendably rated by the users, so the credibility of the website is unquestionable.

Teachers Pay Teachers Jeopardy Templates

This site provides a wide range of templates for multiple subjects. The classes covered range between Kindergarten and Higher Education. Besides, there are templates for Adult education, home schooling and staff as well.

With more than 2600 downloads, the template available here has been rated 4 star by the users. The site also provides useful instructions to understand the site better.

I recommend the website for educational purpose.

Slide Share Jeopardy Templates

Slide Share provides a Jeopardy Powerpoint Template comprising of 14 slides. The Ppt is professionally created and makes the learning process a lot easier for the students. You can easily download and customize the slides as per your wish.

I suggest Slide Share for its skillfully presented Jeopardy Template.

Tim Vandevall Jeopardy Templates

This website created by Tim Vandevall makes Jeopardy Game making a cakewalk for the users. You can easily use the templates available here to create your own personalized Jeopardy Game. And the best part, these templates are available free of cost!

I highly recommend using the templates available on this website. They are nicely created and easy to download.

SC Triton Science Jeopardy Templates

San Clemente High School has set up this highly resourceful Jeopardy Template for the students and other users. It also provides a complete step by step process to download and use this jeopardy template in less time.

The template available here is quite handy. You can use it to create a Jeopardy Game for any subject. I highly suggest using the services of SC Triton.