It Works Green Review: Chews, On The Go, & More


It Works Greens are the contempo health supplements that have managed to win millions of health-conscious hearts in no time. They are now almost interchangeable to your daily dose of healthy foods.

Despite being a health freak, eating the right food is a quite a challenge for me. I know that fruits and vegetables are the best nutrition-providers, but I could never develop the palate for them. So getting the right supplements, then, becomes inevitable!

When I heard about the Greens, I thought it was worth a try. In my research on these ‘super rich in nutrition’ herbal supplements, I found out that they are way more than just fruits and veggies. So I thought to share my R and D with others thinking to include the Greens in their routine.

So here goes!

What is It Works Greens?

It Works is the founder of Greens, a potent health supplement that combines 38 superfoods- herbs, antioxidants, fruits and vegetables. These highly cost effective pills are pretty easy to use. Fill in your mug with water or juice, and add a scoop or two of the Greens; shake it well and drink healthy!

It Works Greens Legit Presence

I tried to locate any clinically proven results of It Works Greens in a couple of sites like and But I couldn’t find any source stating its authenticity.

However, that doesn’t conclude that these Greens are futile. I believe that the product has yet not been published. I will update this section as soon as I come across anything.

How Does It Works Green Works?

While even the most popular diet plans fall short of vitamins and minerals, It Works Greens help you cover up for what you lost. Not only do they fill you in with healthy stuff but also help you build better immunity.

As the name suggests- Alkalize, Balance, Detoxify. It Works Greens help you restore the pH balance of your body. With the restored Acid-Base content, you can experience a better immune system and boosted energy levels.

It Works Greens Composition

As per the product label, 2 scoops (4 gms) of It Works Greens need to be consumed in a single serving. Each serving would include carbs, dietary fiber, calories from fat, magnesium and potassium besides natural flavours and silica.

At first, I thought Greens are all about fruits and vegetables. But there’s more to it than just these things. Besides spinach, kale and broccoli, you will get royal jelly, Siberian ginseng, gingko biloba and white willow bark. So long story short, It Works Greens has products that are hard to find in your kitchen or pantry.

The Orange and Berry flavours are made from gluten-free contents. The ingredients are absolutely non- GMO (Genetically modified).

Acid-Base… Does it matter?

A lot of people aren’t aware of the impact of acid-base balance in our bodies. Well, these are the two sides of the coin that define the pH balance in our system. All the foods we eat fall in one of these categories.

While being more alkaline is the way to a healthy self, the present dietary habits are more acid-inclined. Acid foods like grains and meat aren’t as healthy as the base-foods like fruits and vegetables.

pH is basically the measure that defines the degree of acidity or alkalinity in our bodies. On a scale of 0-14, pH 1 is extremely acidic while pH 14 is extremely alkaline. pH 7 is the perfect balance.

Healthy foods as fruits and vegetables are rich in alkalinity. They possess high levels of antioxidants and phyto-nutrients that benefit our bodies in all ways. Hence, they are considered to be better for your overall well-being.

So the concept and inclusion in the acid and base lists pretty much clarify the whole health issue. If the acid-base balance is not strictly regulated in your system, things can go haywire; may be some serious health problems, etc.

Our lifestyle habits and the contemporary junk food swing is a grave challenge to our strictness with food preferences. Although our bodies’ defence mechanism is potent enough to neutralize the dietary acids and sustain the correct pH levels, still if exploit this mechanism with extremely high and consistent acid diets, then it is bound to erode overtime.

In fact, the repercussions of a high acid diet can be as bad as:

  • Loss of muscle and bone strength
  • Anxiety and Depression due to rise in the Stress hormones- Cortisol and Catecholamines
  • Decreased Thyroid Hormone Concentrations
  • Reduced Anabolic Hormones- IGF and Growth Hormone

Possible Benefits of It Works Greens

  • It Works Greens help you attain the required supply of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that you might miss out otherwise. Our present living conditions make it difficult to fetch a healthy meal thrice a day. These supplements are a short-cut to the toilsome cooking and healthy eating.
  • In the vogue of GMO foods, even eating the ‘healthy’ fruits and vegetables don’t get you your fill of nutrients. With so much of pollution, over-farming and urbanization, vitamins are seldom found in the foods you eat. Hence, the supplements!
  • Greens claim to alkalize your body. Although there is no clinical proof for this, but given their composition, the claims are potent enough.
  • By aiding your body’s alkalinity, Greens can help you stave off germs, bacteria and fungus. Thus, your immunity strengthens and you can fight the sickness off easily.
  • Once you include the Greens in your diet, you may notice a change in your eating habits. Since these supplements provide you a sufficient fill of nutrients, your craving for sweet and fatty food items curbs away automatically. So getting in shape becomes a breeze.
  • Greens claim to possess a healthy dose of Probiotics, which are basically the good bacteria that aid in your digestion. Other than that, they can even help you deal with anxiety and depression.
  • You benefit from multiple servings of fruits and vegetables with every serving if It Works Greens. So cost wise, it’s a plus.

Possible Side-effects of It Works Greens

  • If you are planning to include the Greens in your health regime, make sure you consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.
  • It is usually not recommended to children. So if you think your little one needs it, consult your Paediatrician first.
  • It is not advisable to people who have undergone or will undergo a surgery in the near past/future. Greens can lead to blood thinning and hence pose complications in surgery. Even for people who already take blood thinning medications, it is not advisable.
  • Again, people who are already taking any strong drugs on a regular basis need to seek their doctor’s advice beforehand.

Directions to use It Works Greens

It Works Greens are pretty easy to use. Simply mix two scoops in eight ounces of water and drink it. One serving gives you about eight servings of fruits and vegetables. If you team it with a healthy green diet, the results could be exponential.

Prefer to consume a glass in the morning, as you get your fill of energy-boosting nutrition before you begin your day. Also, taking it before bedtime isn’t advisable. You might end up feeling energetic and sleepless.

A lot of people think they can have all the unhealthy acidic foods, since these supplements would fulfil the required share of nutrition. Bad idea! Now that you have started on the road of healthy eating, shoo away all the bad foods. The Greens do add to your missed out nutrition, but not so you could bank on them entirely for your body’s requirements.

The Cost Of It Works Greens

Whether or not the Greens suit your pocket depends on what you consider as affordable. You can easily avail a month’s supply of It Works Greens for a mere $30-35. Compare this to an equal supply of monthly fruits and vegetables and you will realize how much pocket-friendly these supplements are.

Conclusion Of It Works Greens, Chews, Review, And More

The effects of It Works Greens is absolutely subjective. The way you benefit from it may not be the same as the way your friend did. Besides, every human’s body functions and reacts in different ways. You may consider it a wonder product while your neighbour might rate it as futile.

All in all, the positive and negative testimonials present online may leave you in dilemma. So it’s better you clear your confusion by putting the Greens into practice. If you get healthier and the product motivates you to eat more alkaline foods, then it’s surely a step in the right direction.

it works green review