It Works Wraps: It Works Body Wraps Review

Healthy living is not just about being fit on the inside. Your outer appearance also plays an equally potent role in determining your rank on the fitness charts.

A lot of people believe that if they are healthy from within, it will automatically show on their bodies. Well, life is not a bed of roses. I’ve encountered a thousand cases where people couldn’t get rid of their belly fat even after a strict workout regime and organized eating habits.

So for those who are on a wild-goose chase of better alternatives, here is a new revolution in the world of toners called the ‘It Works! Wraps’.

After Googling my eyes off for this arguably effective product, I decided to share my research with people belonging to my cadre.

So here is a complete guide on how to use It Works Wraps for best results.

What are It Works! Body Wraps

Well precisely, It Works Wraps are pieces of non-woven cloth which are infused with a potent and all-natural, botanical formula that can tighten, tone and firm your skin. Designed by Dr. Louis Mojares, these wraps are devised with the intention to make your skin look more supple, younger and fresher.

These wraps are crafted for problem areas that may appear even on the fittest bodies. For instance, a mother of two successfully got rid of all the post-partum fat, even her Mummy Tummy. But the chunks of flab on her thighs wouldn’t leave her body at any cost.

So for such cases, It Works Wraps are pure bliss. All you need to do is apply them firmly over the problem areas (the correct application and time is mentioned below) and also adhere to a healthy diet chart. For a lot of people, the results have been unbelievable.

Objective behind the Wraps

It Works Wraps are created with the purpose of nourishing your skin inside out. The It Works! Brand is known for its credibility and transparency. It claims to have fine tuned the manufacturing process for over 10 years to produce the desired result. The ingredients included are also of the finest quality.

How do these It Works Body Wraps work?

The unique formulation of the key components of these Wraps help you tighten, tone and firm the loose areas of your body. While many people mistake them to be Weight loss wraps, they are actually more like a cosmetic product. They

  • hydrate and nourish your skin
  • reduce the appearance of cellulite, and
  • redefine your body contouring

The end result usually lasts for about 2-3 months, depending upon your lifestyle habits.

How to get the Best Results using It Works! Wraps

To get the best results, here is a tested and approved step by step process that has benefitted many Wraps users across the globe.

  1. First things first, take several pictures of the part you are going to apply the wraps on. Make sure you take front and side angle poses, and at a good distance from the mirror. This is important as you normally wouldn’t realize the change, since you see yourself every day. So when you would compare your Before and After photos side by side, the results could blow you away.
  2. The Wraps work best if your pores are open and exposed. You can do this by taking a hot shower right before you out it on. Prefer to apply any lotion or soap not. The chemicals might block the pores.
  3. Now, apply the wrap with the lotion-side touching your skin. Just so it doesn’t slip, double wrap it using a saran wrap or ace bandage. If still not satisfied, wear a skin-fit dress over it, may be a bath or swim suit. You can keep it put from 45 minutes to as long as 8 hours. You can even doze off wearing it, given that you don’t sleep for more than 8 hours.
  4. The idea is to drink gallons of water while wearing it! As stated in a couple of sites, you need to drink the quantity (ounces) half to your body weight. For instance if you weigh 180 lbs, you need to drink 90 oz of water. I know it’s easier said than done, but this step is absolutely compulsory. You dp need to drink like fish!
  5. When you take the wrap off, you may have the lotion left over your skin. DO NOT wipe it off. Instead, rub it gently over the area, until it absorbs in completely.
  6. Now, immediately take your photos again. Continue this photo session every day for the next three days. Keep in mind to take these pictures EXACTLY as you took the first ones. You will be able to make the comparisons easily and appropriately.

Now. Besides these steps on how to go about these wraps, you also need to take care about a few DON’T’s while using them.

  • Do not shower immediately after your remove the wrap. Rather, wait until the next day to shower.
  • Use these wraps on one area at a time. If you are wrapping your belly pooch, your thighs and arm flab need to wait for a few days. As for your arms, you can wrap both of them by cutting one wrap in half. Similarly for legs, you can cut one in half or use two full pieces, depending upon your leg size.
  • Do not engage in any rigorous physical activity while wearing the wrap, or even on the same day. It Works wraps are not one of those wraps that make you sweat out your water weight. Instead, the lotion needs to get through completely to produce the best results. However, you can work out from the very next day.
  • Bid your farewell to all the fatty food items, sugar, soda, tea, coffee (caf or decaf), etc., if you want the effects to last long. There is no point is wasting so much time and money if you can’t tame your unhealthy cravings.
  • Needless to mention, say no to alcohol and smoking. This one goes without saying for every health tip chart, as smoking and alcohol tend to lessen the wrap effect.
  • If you are on any kind of regular medications, consult your doctor before heading on with the wraps.
  • For women, it is better to not use this wrap while in your period. The body tends to retain water; hence the wraps may not produce the best results.
  • Make sure you gap the usage of the next wrap with a minimum of 72 hours. As advised by the company, the botanical composition of the wrap continues to function over the course of three days, with the results progressing exponentially.

The Correct Diet

Everyone keeps telling you to focus on the right diet while using these wraps. But what qualifies as the correct diet?

Well, it’s not the calorie count that matters here. Of course, to prevent your results from going backwards, you need to eat healthy. But also make sure you don’t starve yourselves off for a sustained outcome.

Here’s a perfect diet chart to help you stay over the hump for as long as you want:

Breakfast: Go for a fruitilicious smoothie filled with your favourite fruits. You can add 2 scoops of It Works Greens for better results.

Snacks: Prefer a cup of fruits (raspberries, grapefruit), a handful of almonds or a string of cheese stick, instead of a bowl of nachos.

Lunch: Go light. Try a fresh salad, a bowl of Tomato soup or a plain grilled Turkey Burger.

Snacks: Pick any one of the above mentioned Snack menu.

Dinner: Here, you can have something more filling. Go for a grilled fish or chicken, sautéed vegetables or may be a salad if you like.

Desserts: You are free to have 1 pop of raspberry chocolate ice cream or fruit bars of your choice.

Drinks: Water and ONLY Water. Period.

All in all, focus more on the greens. If you have this sudden urge to have a choco lava cake, feel free to have a small bite. But don’t go overboard.


Whether or not these Wraps are effective is an entirely subjective question. The ever-ending debates on the Internet surely make it a controversial product. The fan following goes parallel to its list of critics.

Nonetheless, it is worth a try. Who knows, you might end up becoming a wrap aficionado!