How To Get Skinny Legs That Look Great (Fast!)

Every one craves for that perfect set of lean, strong and toned legs. You don’t have to worry about the chunks bulging out or wearing a short dress that reveals your imperfect stumps. And health wise, the fear of climbing the stairs or running to catch the bus is taken care of, too.

However, is getting those gorgeously toned legs as simple as it sounds? Of course not. To gain skinny legs, you have to lose the love for bad lifestyle habits. With a lot of self control and patience, achieving the desired result will be a breeze!

Everyone is looking to be more beautiful. Whether you’re looking to get bigger boobs or a bigger butt, it’s like never ending!

So here are a few tested and approved methods to get skinny legs. But to start with, here’s what you need to do:

How to Develop a Consistent and Disciplined Routine to get skinny legs

First things first, you need to understand that getting skinny legs is no one-night miracle. You have got to tame your unhealthy habits and pertain to a regular and well-organized lifestyle.

Here are a few easy yet highly effective habits that can quicken your journey to leaner legs:

  • »Begin with drinking as much water as possible every day. Especially after doing the work out mentioned below, make sure you drink gallons of water after your body cools down. Water helps your body in getting rid of the toxins while keeping you hydrated and healthy.
  • »Now, start step by step. Get into the habit of waking up early. In the early hours, the grass is greener, breeze is cooler and the atmosphere is way fresher. All in all, it makes you more energetic and geared up for your routine tasks.
  • »Go for a 15 minute walk to warm up your body and leg muscles. Continue with walking for 3 days while increasing the time limit every day.
  • »Then, move on to mild jogging. Do some light stretching exercises and go for a 10 minute jog.
  • »Follow this with a 10 minute rope skipping, and 10 minute kick backs.
  • »Then, start with running. Run with your knees coming up to the waist height as you run. This will help you widen the ‘thigh gap’ and lose cellulite.
  • »While continuing this routine, whenever you feel like you are out of breath, start walking slowly. But make sure you don’t stop the movement.
  • »In the end, perform deep breathing Pranayama to cool your body down.

This early morning workout regime will help you attain a disciplined routine as well as prepare your body for what’s coming forth. So let’s get to the real game.

The Most Appropriate Diet to get Skinny Legs

Let’s begin with the correct eating habits to keep the extra fat away while preparing your body for the super workout. A healthy diet plays a vital role in the shape of your muscles and functioning of your organs.

  • »Carbohydrates are the enemies of toned muscles. So to get stronger and sexier legs, bid your farewell to carbs. Especially the processed foods like carbonated beverages, sugar and syrups, candies, etc., should be avoided the most.
  • »Complex carbohydrates, however, can be taken, but in a limited quantity. Items like Legumes, Starchy veggies, cereals and whole-grain breads are allowed.
  • »Instead of carbohydrates, go for protein, primarily lean protein to build up stronger muscle. Foods like Tofu, Fish, Chicken and Turkey are rich in lean protein and recommended by all personal trainers.
  • »Focus on fruits and vegetables. These foods are extremely high on the nutrition chart; rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. Pay special attention to leafy greens like spinach, celery, etc. These healthy foods help you stay sated and hydrated, thus helping you curb your appetite and prevent over-eating.
  • »As mentioned earlier, drink loads of water; no less than 8-10 glasses a day. However, according to All Women’s Talk , there is one more beverage that does more good than harm- Green Tea. Green Tea is a rich source of anti-oxidants that can be taken more than 5 times a day. If you feel you are over-eating, drink a cup of green tea before your meal. You may notice a difference in your appetite.
  • »Instead of going for 3 large meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), prefer multiple smaller meals. You can have snacks like a salad bowl or a vegetable smoothie in between your main meals.
  • »Fats may not always be bad for your health if you are eating the right type. What I mean is there are different kinds of fat- Omega-3 Fatty acids, saturated fats, trans fats, etc. Omega-3 fatty acids are great for your health as they aid in building cell membranes. You can find them in fish (salmon), nuts (flaxseed) and leafy greens like Spinach and Broccoli. The other harmful fats are found in butter, cookies, snack foods, fried and canned foods.

Workout Routines To Get Skinnier Legs That Are Totally Sexy

And now we hit bull’s eye. Besides the above mentioned lifestyle habit changes, here’s the ultimate powerhouse that leads to toned, stronger legs.

Use the Pedal Power; go Cycling!

Bicycling is probably the most effective way to attain tighter legs, burn the excess fat and develop toned muscles around your shanks. According to Udemy, cycling can help you stave off almost 320-450 calories in an hour.

Begin with light cycling, and increase the intensity step by step. If you have a stationary bike home, go for it.

Get rid of Leg and Thigh fat with Squats

Squats top the list of leg workout. They are like sitting on an invisible chair with your feet shoulder-width apart, your butt stretched out behind you, your body weight on your calves and arms stretched in front of you.

You can add a number of variations in squats, like Jump Squats, Barbell Squats, Dumbell Split Squat, etc.

Reduce the extra leg-fat with Swimming

Swimming is a great sport that focuses primarily on your legs and thighs along with the entire body workout. It is a great cardio to tone your leg muscle while making it stronger and firmer.

Engage in styles that require maximum leg movement. Exercising in water generates more pressure on your muscles, leading to quick fat-loss.

Try Hip Extensions at home to get sexier legs

Hip extensions are immensely beneficial when it comes to reducing leg and thigh muscle, and shaping your hips and butt. All you need is a yoga mat. Kneel on the mat with your elbow bent, in a four-legged position. Then, extend your left leg backwards, count 3 and bring it back to the original position without letting your knee touch the floor. Repeat this at least 10 times to begin with. Repeat the same with the right leg.

Try out Leg Rolls to get skinny legs

Begin with lying down on your right side with your left arm on the floor for balance and support. Raise your left leg and start rotating it in clock-wise and anti-clockwise direction. Start with 80 rotations per leg.

Pilates are unparalleled in getting lean legs

Pilates are the new ‘in’ thing that focus specifically on lower body. They are designed in a manner that your core gets maximum attention. The idea is to engage in posture practice that involves controlled breathing, stable positions and regulated blood circulation.

Try Zumba to get skinny legs

Zumba is a dance type that focuses on weight loss and muscle toning. It is a blend of cardio intervals along with resistance training. It is derived from Latin dance forms and involves fast and peppy moves that aid in overall weight loss. Unlike some exercise forms, Zumba is energetic, interesting and lively. So you have lesser chances of slumming it!

tips on getting skinnier legs

What to expect when you’re getting skinnier legs fast

Every move has its own pros and cons. Even while working hard to get skinnier legs, you might bear other consequences:

  • »Be prepared to lose weight from other body parts too. No matter how hard you try to focus only on the legs, your other body parts will get affected too.
  • »Focus on the overall skinny leg regime, i.e. burn more calories than you take in. dieting and exercising go hand in hand for best results. Eating properly won’t do much good if you fail to burn the calories.
  • »Last but not least, be patient with the results. You won’t see the results in a week or even a month. How much skinnier your legs get depends upon your physical dynamics, regularity and dedication.

Now you know the story inside out to get skinny and toned legs. It is important to be regular but make sure you don’t overdo it. People often end up injuring themselves or falling weak in haste. Weight loss and muscle gain take time if you want them to last longer.