How To Get A Bigger Butt Fast (Naturally, In A Week)


In the era of Kardashians, getting a bigger booty is all that makes you sexy. But not everyone is born with such a curvy and fuller body. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have it.

Of course, I am not here to show you unrealistic dreams. Going from a twig shaped body to Beyonce style ass is obviously next to impossible. But with a slew of patience and hard work, you can make your ass look much, much sexier.

So here are a few lifestyle changes which can help you get a rounder backside. These are mainly diet and exercise routines, and in case you are dead obsessed with a large derriere, some alternative surgery and supplement measures.

8 Ways To Get A Bigger Butt

What is the First Step towards getting a bigger butt?

First of all, know your goals. Gaining a rotund bottom would mean losing fat somewhere else in the body. So know your body inside out. What’s lean and what’s fat, you can use this info for your benefit.

For instance, if your belly pooch shows up first whenever you begin to gain weight, then you need to focus more on belly exercises to shift this fat to your butt. But if you are lucky enough to gain weight quickly on the ass, then your regime will focus more on nutrition than on fitness.

What is the Best Workout Regime to get a Bigger Butt?

Well, this is a long list. Here, you will come across some general and some body-specific exercises to get the nicest bottom.

Let’s begin with the General Exercises first:


These are an all-time favourite, a jack of all trades- type of exercises. Squats help you widen the butt and thighs while shrink the stomach. Especially for a bigger butt:

  • »In a standing position, place your feet wide apart.
  • »With your ass spreading out behind, bend you knees at a 90 degree angle.
  • »Go down so your entire weight falls below the knees.
  • »Make it more fruitful by adding jumps in between, kicking your toes out to the sides, staying in a sitting position for about 2 minutes, and finally land back into the deep squat instead of standing straight.
  • »Repeat 20 at a time and do it very slowly.


  • »Stand with your feet at a gap of shoulder-width.
  • »Step forward with one leg.
  • »Bend your knees at 90 degree angle and lower your butt.
  • »When your foot goes down, lift your body up with the support of your butts to stand back.
  • »Do it very, very slowly with multiple reps.
  • »Stay out for 2 minutes.

Try variations in lunges like side lunges, back lunges, back lunges with a front kick, lunge jumps, lunges with weights, lunge on a downward and upward incline, etc.

Glute Bridge


  • »Lie on your back.
  • »Place your hands by the sides and bend your knees. Your feet should be shoulder-wide apart.
  • »Lift your bottom to the level that your chin touches your chest. Back be straight.
  • »Stay in this position for about a minute.
  • »Slowly, come back to original position.


You can try variations like Single-Leg Glute Bridge, Glute Bridge to sit up, Glute Bridge off Box, Single Leg Glute Bridge off Box, etc.


This is the best and the most easily accessible exercise gear that you can find. But here’s how to go about it.

  • »The focus is not to lose weight, but enlarge your backside. So avoiding running on the stairs.
  • »Instead, find a steep staircase and start climbing it really slowly.
  • »Prefer taking two-three step together, like you are stair-lunging.
  • »As an alternative, locate a knee-high platform and perform your exercise there.

Combination Routines

This is really fun and pays you off big time. Here is one combination exercise that works well for me:

    • »Place your feet together and carry weights in your hands.
    • »Lunge back intensely with your right foot.
    • »Return to standing position without letting your right foot touch the ground.
    • »Instead, stretch it in the front, at your eye level, and meet it with your left hand (parallel to the ground).
    • »Then immediately, do a deep lunge with the right foot again.
    • » Again, come back to standing position without letting your foot rest on the ground.
    • »With your right knee bent and up to the chest, raise up your arms and bend your body to the left.
    • »Kick your right leg to the side.


  • »Repeat this 10 times, and then do the same with the left foot.


Booty Lifters

  • »Get down on all your fours with your body leaning on forearms.
  • »Raise one leg at a time and kick it out to the side.
  • »Come back to basic position, and then repeat with the other leg.
  • »Continue this for 10 minutes.

You can make this more effective by wearing a pair of ankle weights. Choose the appropriate weights that range between 2-10 pounds. These ankle weights can easily be purchased from Amazon.

Martial Arts

Martial arts aren’t just one exercise that does it all. This epic art can shape your ass incredibly. Preferring the type that involves a lot of kicking and lunging, like Capoeira.

Diets For A Big Ass

What is the Best Diet Plan to get a Bigger Butt?

All those who are trying to get thinner need to put their extreme diet charts to rest for a while. If you want a bigger butt, you obviously need to take in good quantities, so it shows up on the backside.

However, I am not suggesting you to eat a lot of fat or junk. It’s basically a matter of food placement in your body. So always prefer healthy, nutritional and protein-rich food to gain good muscle.

The best protein-rich foods include:

  • »Red meat
  • »Pork
  • »Fish
  • »Eggs
  • »Dairy Products
  • »Tofu
  • »Seafood

A few other Tricks that can accelerate your butt-building process

To gain the ultimate booty, or a big ass, you need to change your outlook on how to go about it.

  • »Instead of creating one major goal, prefer a number of short-term, realistic goals. Like how many inches you endeavour to put on in a week’s time, etc.
  • »Pay close attention to what you eat. You may feel like on a strict diet, but it’s all about getting the adequate protein. Plus, this involves ZERO starvation.
  • »Bye Bye processed foods. They do no good; in fact, prevent your body from functioning and exercising effectively.
  • »Cut down the sugar in your food intake.
  • »Drink gallons of water. Carry a bottle with you at all times.
  • »In your workout routine, make sure you save plenty of time for rest and recovery. You body needs to get back in a normal mode before you giddy up for the next day.
  • »Also, take a day off every week from your workout regime. Again, you don’t realize how much stress your body is taking.
  • »Last but not least, keep your expectations realistic. If you want a butt like JLo, but have an extremely lanky body, it’s time to have a reality check. Of course you can hope for a bigger butt, but know your limitations.

Short-cuts to a Bigger butt when you have no time

If you are really time-crunched but need to look amazing for an evening party, here are a few ways to look fab with an enhanced butt:

  • »Buy denims with a padded rear. These denims not only enlarge your backside, but lift it too.
  • »Go for padded underpants. These are a better option if you are wearing skirts or hot pants.
  • »Always purchase stretchable clothed bottoms. These shape well around your butt, instead of pressing it.
  • »Wear a belt to suppress your waist and make your butt larger.
  • »Wear a clingy top to accentuate your derriere.
  • »Go for mid-rise or high-waist jeans instead of the low-waist ones.

In the end, if nothing works and you are really obsessed with getting a bigger butt, visit the doctor. There are many supplements and pills that guarantee you a bigger booty without any workout.

Other than that, there are many surgical alternatives also. After having tried it all and achieved zilch in the end, surgery could be your saviour. Of course, you need to have a loaded pocket for that. But who cares! You’re investing it in the right reasons!

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