Why How Long A Hosting Company Has Been In Business Matters

When searching for a good hosting company to host your beloved website or business, there are many questions you should ask yourself – or rather, the hosting company.

One of those important questions is how long the hosting company has been in business.

Why is it important to know how long a hosting company has been in business?

New hosting companies tend to be less experienced at hosting websites and tend to have many things to smooth out as well. If you think of any new business, they are typically still figuring a lot of things out as they continue to grow and establish their business. It’s exactly the same thing with new hosting companies.

While this may not necessarily be bad for you, it could present more risk than using a reliable hosting company that’s been serving customers for a much longer time, and have a strong track record of providing exceptional service.

How do you find out when a hosting company started?

There are a few places to search. Sometimes you can find this information on their website. But for newer sites, it’s a little less likely they will want to reveal that they are brand spanking new. Everyone likes to go with what’s been around the block for awhile, right?

You can check The Better Business Bureau for information about the hosting company. Another good place to search is to have a look at their Facebook page and see if it says when it was established. Though this will only tell you when the Facebook page was made, most companies like to get their social media accounts set up and running right away when the business starts. It’s almost like a given thing to do for businesses these days – especially online ones.

Lastly, a hosting company’s about page is also a great place to check. This is actually probably the first place you’ll wanna check, as you’ll be most likely to find when the company started most easily here.

How to determine if a new hosting company is good?

The first thing you really want to do is check their website and have a look around. Is it clean? Does it look professional? It better! Any real company knows the value of a professionally looking website, especially a company that offers hosting services. If the website looks second grade or like a 10th grader made it, then you should go elsewhere. I wouldn’t even bother checking around. There are many hosting companies available today, why bother with this one if it won’t make the right efforts to be a proper business.

You want to look around for good signs of support as well. Do they have phone numbers listed? Do they have live support? Support is probably the second most important thing a hosting company can provide. The first thing is reliability, btw. If your website goes down, you need to know right away why it’s not working. Or if you are having trouble changing DNS or have difficulty navigating their portal, you need someone to talk to and you need it now. Not an email back tomorrow. A good hosting company will know this and will offer this kind of support.

The last thing you can check out is the price of the hosting company. Price matters of course, but it’s one of the things I look at less. It’s the 3rd most important thing to me. I am willing to pay $10 $20 $30 more for hosting easily if support and uptime are top notch. Things happen with hosting and I need to know I have people there for me when I need it. And paying an extra $30 for support is truly a no brainer.

But when you’re searching for a hosting company, look for a company with good uptime and customer service, and price should come last. When you’re looking at new hosting companies, try and figure these things out. If they check out, then it may be worth it to go with them.

The nice thing about hosting companies is that you can easily leave them and go elsewhere if it doesn’t work out. You may lose some money, but your website’s health is more important than fighting with your host. You should never be in a position to fight with your host anyway. If that happens, LEAVE!