Free Gantt Chart Templates (Excel Format)

Gantt Chart is an extremely useful tool if you are into Project Management. It eases down your work pressure by creating schedules of your project and tracking the progress of each task. Hence, of you wish to enrich your work with visual project communications, Gantt charts can serve as an unparalleled tool.

Making a Gantt Chart of your own can be a tedious job. Especially if you are time crunched, there are hundreds of websites offering ready to use Gantt Chart templates. Here is a list of the most authentic websites serving Gantt Chart templates for immediate use.

Google Gantt Chart Templates

Google has countless Gantt Chart Templates to offer. Whatever business project you need it for, it’s right there on Google. You can just download the template for free and edit it as per your requirements.

I highly recommend using the Google search engine for Gantt Chart template. The credibility of this search tool is unmatched.

Vertex 42 Gantt Chart Templates

Vertex 42 is another highly trusted website offering professionally framed Gantt Chart Templates. The website offers a free to use Excel version absolutely free!

Along with it is a Gantt Chart Template Pro which includes additional features to make your Gantt Chart template more powerful. This kit is available at very reasonable prices and can be downloaded in .XLS and .XLSX formats. You can also take tutorials on using Gantt Chart Template Pro here on Vertex 42 by checking out its videos.

I highly recommend Vertex 42 for its proficiently created templates.

Office Timeline Gantt Chart Templates

Office Timeline provides 9 diverse Gantt chart templates for immediate use. These templates can be downloaded absolutely free of cost. Other than that, you can also use the services of this website to create your own Gantt Chart Template on Excel and Powerpoint.

The Powerpoint Gantt Chart Template making would require hardly 2 minutes of your work schedule. The Excel Template making may take about 30 minutes, but in the end, it will accelerate your project management by leaps and bounds.

I highly suggest Office Timeline whether you are looking for ready to use templates or trying to create one of your own.

Gantt Excel Gantt Chart Templates

This one is a very popular website, in that it provides a perfectly created version of Gantt Chart Template. If you have MS Excel in your system, you can simply download the website’s Gantt Chart Template and create a chart of your own, with almost no Learning curve.

The templates available here are easy to use and understand. Hence, I highly suggest this site for its foolproof templates.

Support Office Gantt Chart Templates

Support Office offers easy to use and decipher Gantt Chart Template for professional use. It provides options to both download its Gantt chart template as well as simulate the chart available here. It even provides you a step by step tutorial to simulate the chart to create one of your own.

I totally suggest using the template provided here at Support Office. It’s absolutely handy and free to use.

Tidy Forms Gantt Chart Templates

Tidy Forms is known for its huge collection of professional templates and forms. It also provides a considerable variety of Gantt Chart templates to use. These templates can be downloaded in various formats as Excel, PDF, Powerpoint, etc.

Tidy Forms is a highly trusted source, as is testified by its users. These templates are commendably rated at 4.8. Hence, I suggest you to avail its products. Gantt Chart Templates

At, you can download more than 19 different Gantt Chart Templates. These templates are available in Word, Excel and PDF formats and vary in purpose and pattern.

I suggest for office use. The products can be downloaded free of cost.

Team Gantt Gantt Chart Templates

Team Gantt provides extremely professional Gantt Chart Templates to ease down your project management. It provides four unique templates that can be downloaded and modified as per your need.

You can subscribe to the website to remain updated about the latest products. Also, the website provides the facility to PM them, in case there are any queries. I highly recommend Team Gantt for its adeptly framed Gantt Chart templates.

Gantt Pro Gantt Chart Templates

Another very proficient website, you can avail resourceful Gantt Chart templates free of cost here. The omissions are easy to do in your already created charts. You can drag and drop tasks, add start and end dates and make further customizations in your project.

I highly suggest using Gantt Pro for your project management needs. Simply register yourselves and avail its services.

Get Excel Templates Gantt Chart Templates

Excel Templates exhibits more than 8 discrete Gantt Chart Templates. These templates serve as the perfect graphical illustrations of your schedule regarding the project at hand. So now, your Gantt Chart Template is just a click away.

I highly recommend Excel Templates for its proficiency and ease in providing efficient Gantt Chart templates.

Slide Model Gantt Chart Templates

Slide Model offers you pre-designed Gantt Chart Templates. These templates can be downloaded and edited in Powerpoint. You can shortlist a template based on its popularity or title.

Another highly recommended site, Slide Model offers free unlimited download for a year.

Clear Point Strategy Gantt Chart Templates

Clear Point provides this time-tested tool for project management in a few simple steps. The Gantt Chart template available on this site can be downloaded in Excel format. In the template, you will find all the instructions on how to use it, initiatives and milestones with start and end dates, along with your progress graph.

I suggest this website for its easy to use Gantt Chart Templates. Simply register yourselves on the site and avail its template for immediate use.