Cayenne Pepper Diet: Detox Your Body And Lose Weight

Cleansing Diets or Detox Diets are on the rise nowadays. The present generation banks more on unhealthy junk foods than the nutritious fruits and veggies. These foods ultimately fill up your body with toxins, giving way to many diseases. Your metabolism slackens and fat begins to settle on your organs.

Hence the need for a break arises where you put a full stop to all these run-down eatables and go on a celibate diet plan. And cleansing diets help you do that by bringing your body to detox equilibrium. By keeping you on liquids for about 2-3 weeks, these diets remove all the unwanted elements from the system, so you can start afresh.

One of the most widely accepted cleansing diet today is the Cayenne pepper diet. This one has gained a lot of paparazzi due to endless celebrity endorsements in the past few months. Beyonce while prepping for Dreamgirl lost about 20 pounds and The Howard Stern Show Host Robin Quivers lost a magnanimous 73 pounds while pursuing this diet!

So here, I am going to write down the inside out of Cayenne Pepper Diet. But first, let’s know the anatomy of cayenne pepper and how this single spice will help you lose slathers in a short time.

What is Cayenne Pepper and why is it so beneficial for overall health?

Cayenne pepper is a vegetable that is dried and crushed to form a powder. Rightfully described in Medical news today, cayenne pepper is hot chili powder belonging to the capsicum family. For an awfully mild scent, it is fiercely spicy in flavor and adds richness to dishes.

It is an extremely versatile spice that can add to any kind of cuisine. Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican- cayenne pepper goes with fish, eggs, tacos, pasta, pizza and curries.

  • »All the health benefits attributed in favor of cayenne pepper are for its chief ingredient- Capsaicin. Capsaicin is a potent element that can treat pain and soreness in muscles and joints. Many topical creams used over joint pains have capsaicin in them.
  • »Other than that, cayenne pepper contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, potassium, calcium, manganese and Flavonoids.
  • »It has the quality of a blood thinner/ purifier. Hence it has been used in many Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines to cure internal health problems.
  • »Although still an investigative stage, but a lot of studies propose that products containing cayenne pepper accentuate weight loss by boosting metabolism and curbing appetite.
  • »In Asian countries, millions of homes use cayenne pepper as a home remedy to treat congestion, cough and cold.
  • »Last but not least, cayenne pepper helps to break the mucous in our bodies. As Master Cleanse puts it, mucous is where all the harmful and unhealthy substances get trapped. Problems like congestion, cough, etc., are borne out of this infected mucous. So cayenne pepper breaks and eliminates the harmful elements.

What is Cayenne Pepper Diet?

Cayenne Pepper Diet, also popular by the names Maple Syrup Diet, Beyonce Diet or Lemonade Diet is a Master Cleanse plan. It is a liquid mono diet, designed to detoxify and cleanse the body of all the harmful elements while at the same time, provide all the necessary nourishment for efficient functioning.

Straightforwardly put, it is a Juice Fast that aims to shed A LOT of weight in a short length of time, by starving yourself of all the solids. The time duration suggested is 10 days, but you can lengthen it to weeks, if required.

Three kinds of liquids are allowed in this diet along with a special produce diet that needs to be followed after you are done with this one. These are:

  • »The Special Lemonade
  • »Salt Water/ Laxative Tea
  • »Pure Water

What is the recipe for the Special Lemonade?

To prepare this super fluid, mix the following in 8 oz of pure water:

Fresh Lemon Juice 2 Tbsp

Maple Syrup 2 Tbsp

Cayenne Pepper 1/10 of a Tsp

You must have this lemonade 6 or more times a day.

Other than that, salt water is prepared with 2 Tbsp of salt in a glass of water. Have it in the morning for a nice cleansing process. The laxative tea is supposed to be taken at night before dozing off.

Water can go anytime of the day. In fact the more, the merrier. A lot of people have green tea in between. That’s not a bad idea either. But make sure you avoid caffeine intake.

How much would Cayenne Pepper Diet cost you?

This diet would cost you peanuts, honestly. All the ingredients can easily be located in your kitchen. Only lemon and maple syrup are the ones a little expensive.

How does Cayenne Pepper Diet aid in Weight loss?

This potent ingredient not only adds spice to your food, but also helps you benefit from what you eat. According to Fast Slim Body, people who don’t eat spicy food in general, eat 66 calories less when they have cayenne pepper in their meal. It is a known fact that spicy food cannot be eaten in excessive quantity.

Besides, cayenne pepper is said to possess obesity-fighting properties. They can boost metabolism process and burn fat phenomenally. Other than pepper, even lemon is supposedly an amazing fat-fighter. So both combined together, weight-loss can be inevitable!

How to come out of the Cayenne Pepper Diet?

After you are done with your intense weight loss cum detox diet plan, you need a well-thought plan of action to come out of it and begin with solids again.

Begin with freshly rooted juices, vegetable broths etc. Orange and grapefruit juices would be ideal to start with.

Then after 2 days, get to whole fruits and vegetables, raw or cooked. These options are light and easy on your digestion.

Finally on the fourth day, start eating normally.

What are the possible Benefits of Cayenne Pepper Diet?

  • »Since this diet claims to free your body of all the toxins and harmful agents, you will feel refreshed, light and more energetic afterwards.
  • »The ingredients are so easy to locate; preparing for this diet plan is a breeze!
  • »Since it is a cleansing program, the effects are comparatively faster.
  • »Although still under scrutiny, cayenne pepper claims to possess many medical qualities. Joint pain, muscular discomfort- there are many health issues that can be treated through regular intake of cayenne pepper.

What are the possible Disadvantages of Cayenne Pepper Diet?

  • »This diet demands you to practically starve yourself to lose weight. That in itself is not a good idea in the long run.
  • »As opposed to the claims that cayenne pepper boosts metabolism, starvation may actually creating digestion troubles for you and lead to a decline in metabolism.
  • »When you come back to your normal routine, solid food may harm you more than it did earlier.
  • »This diet is incapable of fulfilling the adequate nutrition requirement of your body. As a result, you may actually feel more fatigued, drained and lethargic.
  • »This diet involves a severe alteration in your eating habits. Hence, it must be practiced under professional guidance.
  • »Do not consider cayenne pepper diet if you are not completely healthy. This diet may actually make sick people even sicker.
  • »The salt water and laxative tea included in this diet plan are potent dehydrates. So make sure you drink a lot of water along with.
  • »Skeptics claim that cayenne pepper invigorates the detoxification process when accompanied with other nutrients. Since in this diet chart, the other nutrients are generally missing, detoxification may actually slow down.
  • »Although many people claim to have practiced this diet plan for longer lengths of time, it can be highly dangerous if you do.
  • »Children, teenagers, pregnant women, senior citizens and chronic heart or sugar patients- such people must not consider this diet.

The Cayenne pepper diet can help you lose weight fast. Click here to learn how it works and get free cayenne pepper diet recipes.

Cheat Sheets to make Cayenne Pepper Diet Plan work for you

Here are a few pointers that you must adhere to when trying the Cayenne Pepper Diet:

  • »The most important thing is the duration. Don’t overdo this diet plan. Stick to the advised duration, no matter you reach your goal or not.
  • »Make sure your body is strong and healthy enough to go through such an intense diet program.
  • »As mentioned earlier, drink plenty of water.
  • »If you feel uncomfortable, nauseous or dizzy, cease the diet right away.
  • »It is very important to tame your eating habits even after you are done with the diet. A lot of people, even Beyonce, gained back their former weight after getting to normal routine. Maintain a chart of your daily calorie intake, so you know where you stand.

Is Cayenne Pepper Diet worth a shot?

Well, looking at the tiny list of pros and huge list of cons, the answer is well implied. Cayenne pepper diet is an intense program that demands motivation, self control and physical perseverance.

So if you have it in you AND you are desperate to get in shape, go for it!