11 Birth Plan Templates & Birth Plan Examples

Having a birth plan is extremely important, or at least that’s what most experts think so – especially when its your first delivery. Most of the time, having a birth plan can be similarly described as having a game plan because well, childbirth is something you have zero control of and completely zero predictability of what’s going to happen today, or tomorrow.

Therefore, for mummies who are expecting their next child or soon-to-be mummies carrying their firstborn then these compilation of birth plan templates is here to save your worries and also helps you organize your entire birth delivery process – meds, dates, type of birth delivering methods and etc.

Below are 11 birth planning templates you can use. You can use them as sample birth plans to get an idea of what one should look like and use them as a template for your own needs.

1. The Bump Birth Plan Template

Probably one of the most organized and cleanest website I’ve ever visited for templates. They have all the information you require for your birth plan and the entire process! Definitely a go to site for mummies everywhere.

Its easy to navigate, the colors are soothing especially for pregnant women and the amount of content/information that they’ve put together for you to read on or ask questions about any doubts you have regarding your pregnancy – is just amazing and admirable! You will be able to download your birth plan on PDF format and get it printed, filled up and stored in your pregnancy progress folder.

On top of that, the site is also equally useful for parents and couples who are trying to conceived. Check it out here!


2. Earth Mama Birth Plan Template

Earth Mama is not just a site that provides birth plan templates and information, but they also sell their very own herbal and zero toxin baby products. Now, that’s killing two birds with one stones if you happen to click into this site; you will be able to download yourself a free birth plan template as well as shop for baby products!

As you click into the link, the form is already provided and all you need to do is fill the form up and submit it. They will send the link, PDF file to your email for you to download! It can’t get any simpler from here so do not worry if you think you’re not tech-savvy. Also, be sure to check your spam mail in case the mail got organized to the spam folder.

Enjoy birth planning!


3. March of Dimes Birth Plan ExampleTemplate

Well, this is a really straightforward site where the moment you click onto the link it’ll lead you to the PDF format of their birth plan template. Something I really like because it gets you straight to the point, and their design/amount of content in their birth plan template is also worth mentioning!

You can easily download the template onto your computer as PDF and have it printed out. Fill up all the informations in the template and you can photocopy a few of it to give to your close friends, family and even doctors so they’d get an idea of how you wish your birth to be. Its always good to have these informations written down and stored in case there appears to be complications on how your labor should be between deciding families and friends, and even husbands.


4. Babycenter Birth Plan Template

This is yet another straightforward birth plan template where the site will bring you directly to the PDF file. However, the aesthetics and looks of it is not as pleasing as March of Dimes and the rest.

I would say its a very humble and standard medical/professional document design. The information and content is well done because they’ve included most of the important questions such as who do you want to be there, the cord cutting, whether you want a C-section or vaginal birth and other more crucial questions.

Although the design of it is not as stunning, but its still a practical template! Maybe dads would actually prefer this more because of its cleanliness with no designs but just important texts and informations!


5. Healthy Pregnancy Birth Plan Template

This is a very medical and professional looking site as you clicked into it because of the colors and feels of the entire website.

The site offers birth plan checklist instead of a birth plan template, but nonetheless all the informations thats in your standard birth plan template is also made available in this checklist.

I would recommend this checlist to couples and soon-to-be mums who are more direct and already knows what is it that they want during their labor or birth because personally, I think this checklist is more suitable for those who already have an idea in mind and isn’t exploring about with other options.


6. Birthingnaturally Sample Birth Plan Templates

Amazing and hands down among the best birth plan sites I’ve came across to share with you. Not only is it a very informative site but they also provides previous experiences of families who have used the birth plans and what were the entire labor procedures/experience like. Definitely a good read for new parents!

On top of that, they also offer three types of birth plan templates for you to choose from so you can pick one that you think will suit you most. The options are – charts, paragraph or bullet points. You can find out more about the differences between each on their site. However, instead of being able to tick off what you don’t want or want – their birth plan template requires you to do more thinking yourself and also writing them down. Its good because that means you’ll be required to do more research and overall, understand your birth more clearly!


7. BubHub Birth Plan Example Templates

Overall, a great site for its information and also the content that they’ve provided to help you understand your labor and birth better. I also like how they encourage having a birth plan template because it reduces any last minute panic and also indecisiveness that may or may not be a disturbance during your labor.

Their birth plan template is a simple one sheet template that contains all the crucial information and, the design is also pretty pleasing to the eyes. I’d say its a great site and also birth plan template! But if you prefer templates with more details and also other informations for you to pick and check then this may act as a starting point or inspiration.

Still, its worth checking it out for the detailed write-ups!


8. Hipp Birth Plan Template

Similar to March of Dimes and Babycenter as the link brings you directly to the PDF page of their birth plan template.

But, I’d have to give it a thumbs up and I personally prefer it over March of Dimes and Babycenter because of the design also layout of the template. It makes everything more appealing and easier to read through and navigate our eyes. All the important informations and choices are included inside as the rest and they also have an ‘Other Preferences’ column for you to write in – so you will not be limited to ticking off boxes!


9. Women’s Healthcare Topics Birth Plan Template

The website is in a pretty pink shade and aside from just providing birth plan templates they also have other informations for you to read up on regarding your birth, baby and also pregnancy weeks.

Well, the birthplan template is not as appealing as the others because its not downloadable or comes in a pretty little pleasing design. But, it does get the job done and it also has extra informations that the other standard birth plans do not. You can give it a read and perhaps add it on to your other birth plan templates that you prefer. The template from this site is an online form where you fill it in or, you can print directly through the page.

It might not be as pretty as the rest but it certainly is an effective and well-informed birth plan template!


10. Justmommies Birth Plan Template

This is also an impressive website and certainly one mummies will come back to! Aside from the birth plan template, they also offer other informations/reads on getting pregnant, pregnancy, babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and grade school kids.

Basically, you get all the information you need about child caring and loving in their site along with how to conceive and also pregnancy informatin. Their birth plan template is a online form where you fill it in and submit. After submission, they will then create a customized birth plan template for you to print, keep and give to! It’s really simple and at the same time a ‘pit-stop’ website for mums!


11. Natural Parenting Advice Birth Plan Template

Natural Parenting Advice is also another pit stop website where you can all sorts of information about healthy child raising. They offer recipes, baby tips, breastfeeding advices, pregnancy advices and a lot more information!

However, their birth plan template is not one thats already prepared and readily available for download. You will have to read through their advice and write your own birth plan – its good because you’ll get a better understanding as you are require to do more in depth reading and understanding, and also the fact that you will be writing everything down yourself so there will be no doubts. The bad would be the inconvenience and the extra amount of energy you’ll need to spent on writing and researching.

Still, this is a highly recommended site for its service and just overall impressive information for mummies and soon-to-be mummies! They will give you excellent ideas for example birth plan templates and planning your birthing.