9 Project Charter Template Word (Free Downloads)

The importance of having a Project Charter Template is undeniably vital in keeping track of your project. It helps steer you in the right direction and focused by listing out the objectives, and also providing the goals to be achieved, delegated roles and what are the responsibilities for each team member, stating the main stakeholders of the project and last but not least, the amount of authority the project manager has over the project.


So, if you are planning to manage a project and needs a starting point to get things in order and done then you definitely need to get yourself a Project Charter Template. It’d be of extreme good use and also in aiding you to complete the project with minimal mismanagement. Here a few Project Templates that you can freely use or be inspired from!


1. The Project Charter Toolkit

You will find yourself a brief introduction of what they can offer you and it sure sounds promising enough. They are a site that specializes in helping you set up a project charter without going through any hassle or browsing a 100+ other sites for a decent one. With their toolkit, you’ll be able to get yourself the ideal project charter in one site!


Not only are there here to help you get your ideal Project Charter Toolkit but the site also provides tons of supporting tools and tutorials to craft you the best Project Charter. It comes equipped with what are the important things you need to have in your document, who should you chart with it and of course the ‘do you really need a project charter?’. Overall, I’d say this site is pretty much complete and isn’t lacking from anything so I’d highly recommend it.


Of course, let’s not forget about the awesomely included templates that they’ve provided! You can either open it on Google Drive or Microsoft Words, whichever you prefer. I’d personally prefer Google drive because it means everyone the team gets to look at it and pitch in any improvements or amendments they see fit. Aside from templates, they also have samples for you to refer to in case you need any inspiration to start – its available in PDF and also Powerpoint!




2. Berkeley Project Charter Template

You will be redirected to a download link upon clicking on the link and you’ll find your Project Charter Template all ready and done for you. I like how universities are offering all these templates for free because not only will it expose students to manage their projects well but also for future use. And of course, it is also accessible by the public!


After downloading the template, you can start right away on filling in the blanks and information! What I enjoy about this template is the simplicity of it which means its user and reader friendly. I don’t have to navigate through a list of words or lengthy sentences to actually understand what is it that I have to do or what actually is this piece of document providing me. You have all the information and guide provided on what should you fill in on the blanks – so plan away with it!




3. Smartsheet Project Charter Template


Smartsheet is definitely a site you can trust on for its reliability and quality because they are experienced and well qualified in providing various templates for users. You will be guided on what is a project charter and also the essence of a project charter. This will help you understand the material at hand and when you are clear of it, it makes creating the whole thing very much easier.


You have three formats of Project Charter Templates to choose from their site, and all three of it free to download. So, you can use that money saved to spend on your project! The first two options are pre-made project charter templates that you can download on either Excel or Words. If you are feeling a little courageous on your first Project Charter then you can also use their site to help you create one yourself!


Whichever option you pick, you can be assured of its dependability! You are also free to read through their guide from top to bottom to create or fill in the ideal project charter for you.




4. PM Documents Project Charter Template


PM is an abbreviation for Project Management so with this site, you will find yourself a list of helpful documents and templates to help you manage your projects. The site seems rather convincing because they have quite a lot of different templates that can help you plan your project smoothly and with less worries.


However, for their Project Charter document, rather than a template, they actually wrote a guide on what to include and why is there a need to have a project charter. You can use this as an educational site that gives you extra information about crafting or writing the ideal Project Charter. You should be able to create your very own Project Charter from scratch with the information gathered and also looking through the previous project charter templates!


Take this as an information gathering site if you are planning to create your own original Project Charter from scratch.




5. NYU Project Charter Template

This is the second university provided Project Charter template and I must say, it definitely gets better down the list! As usual, you will be redirected to a download link that opens up your Project Charter Template. I really enjoy templates like this because you are spared to pain of having to choose from unlimited options of the same thing.


The NYU Project Charter is a 2 page template and the design of it is definitely more attractive. Simply because it has a purple color themed. Of course, you also have a very professional and sleek looking template. The tables are nicely drawn up for you so all you need, is to fill in the blanks. The information and tables are well categorized which makes it easy to read and also identify. This is good because it is pleasing to the eyes and you are able to catch the attention of the reader instantly!




6. Project Management Docs Template

This site is not to be confused with PM Documents above the list. They may have the same name but they are two different sites – and what does that say? You have an extra option in finding the right Project Charter template and browsing for other relevant project management templates!


You will find yourself the ‘Download Template’ button right after their introduction of what a project charter does. Aside from that, you are also given a preview of what their Project Charter template is like. If you like it, download it and if not, navigate away. This saves you the trouble of downloading it only to realize it isn’t what you’re looking for in a Project Charter. My review on their project charter would be its very concise, yes, but also more wordy than the previous templates. Personally, I’d prefer a more tabular Project Charter because it is easier to understand and read.


However, to each their own! If you are one for paragraphs and explanations in words then go for it! But if you prefer something easier to comprehend and read, then this might not be your best choice.




7. Tidy Forms Project Charter Templates

I believe those who are familiar with the lists here have heard of Tidy Forms being recommended multiple times – well, that’s because it’s worth every bit of recommendation! Tidy Forms isn’t only a site that provides Project Charter for those who are new here; they are also a professional site that contains all type of templates from informal birthday cards to formal job offer templates and many more.


As for Project Charter Templates, they have a total of 3 options for you to pick from. The lesser the options, the easier it is to make choices hence saving yourself from a headache and of course time! Personally, I’d choose option 3 for its simplicity and easily-understandable content as everything is being columnized and well-packed into tabular diagrams (which is great for scan throughs and quickly understood without scheming through words). The layout and page assignment is also well thought out so you won’t be seeing a cluster of irrelevant information being packed into one page.


However, if you are opting for a more detailed and professional Project Charter Template, I’d suggest to go for Option 2 because of its length in detail and also the readily available informations and content which you can edit according to your needs after the download. It’s about 15 pages long and is definitely quite a read!


So, it all comes down to what you are using it for and for occasion it is. If it is something of great importance and large scale then I’d recommend to go for the more detailed one so not to miss any information. If it’s a small scale event or projects then the basic yet fully-equipped version should suffice.




8. 4PM Project Charter Template

This is definitely a new site that I’ve stumbled upon and why is it on the list – that owes to how thoughtful and well-coordinated the tips and guides are. If you are expecting to just download the template without reading the provided content and guides then you will be losing out on a lot.


The author and also CEO of the site, Dick Billows, has very nicely formulated the different tiers and steps of what goes into your Project Charter and what is/is not required. It might be quite a put-off to have to read such a large chunk of text but you wouldn’t want to miss out on advices that could make your Project Charter shine and impress would you?


Well, the Project Charter template from 4PM is not very impressive but certainly worth a look if you haven’t found one that you like. It’s a very simple and organized template. You have tables for all the contents and they are all numbered and categorized which makes it reader-friendly and of course, easier for you to fill in the contents and proofreading after that. It’s not very detailed but it certainly contains all the important sections.


You’d be redirected to a wikipedia content if you click on the Project Charter template link on the site, which is why I’ve decided to attach the actual link of the template down below along with the link of the site (for you to read through).






9. Free Management Ebooks Project Charter Template

Well, if you still haven’t found the gem you are looking for then this is definitely it! You’d be greeted by professionalism and also a bundle of free knowledge within your grasp – with no CHARGES AT ALL! This is a site that caters to managers that provides all the different checklists, templates and also free management ebooks to help you become an outstanding leader.


You can be rest assured about the quality of their Project Charter Template because professionalism is definitely their forte, and who better to trust than a site dedicated to aid your management adventures and advancements. Not only will you find templates, but also a runthrough of advices on what do you need to have in your Project Charter Template. Unlike the other guides where you are thrown at with chunk of words that gets your eye dizzy and lose focus halfway through; their guide is properly written in bullet-points and you’ll see the title for each body of text. Just when you think it can’t get any better, they have also very kindly provided a few videos to help you understand the importance and of course the formulation of an ideal Project Charter!


If you have not decided which link to click upon, then click on this first! I’d say this is a site not to be missed because of the free library content and also many more templates and checklists that will help you out in your projects!