9 Free Pumpkin Carving Templates (Free Download)

Every year, your Halloween party leaves you thinking, “I could have done a better job with the pumpkin". The same old jack-o’ faces and cliché designs are no more fun. Besides, pumpkin carvings are now, as much important as your Halloween costume. It’s the latest fashion statement after all!

Well, it’s time to get over the hunt. The Internet is flooded with hundreds of unique and offbeat Pumpkin Carving Template and Stencils to rock your party this year. You can simply download your favorite ones and use them to mark your pumpkin in an unparalleled design.

The list of websites offering these templates is endless. Therefore, we have shortlisted the most popular ones offering exclusivity and singularity in their patterns.

Google Pumpkin Carving Templates

The list of offerings made by Google search engine is unarguably endless. From the regular ghostly faces to the most intricate designs of human and animal portraits, you can find everything here.

So this Halloween, get your favorite cartoon characters and superheroes carved out in your pumpkin décor. I highly recommend Google to avail unique designs absolutely free!


Better Homes and Gardens Pumpkin Carving Templates

BHG provides the most versatile combination of cute and creepy pumpkin carving templates. You can download the stencils of your choice free of cost and design your pumpkin. Rare patterns like the Flying Witch, Celebrity Portraits, Celtic Knot, Victorian Damask, etc., are found in plenty here.

I recommend this website if you are planning to stand out of the crowd this Halloween.


Disney Family Pumpkin Carving Templates

As the name goes, Disney Family hosts plenty of your favorite Disney cartoon templates to carve on your pumpkin. There are cartoon designs that you can’t imagine could be carved out in a pumpkin. Options such as Tow Mater, Kermit The Frog, Toy Story Alien, etc., will help you make your pumpkin decorations one of a kind.

I highly suggest his website if you are looking to light up your Halloween with Disney this year. The outcome surely won’t let you down.


Zombie Pumpkins Pumpkin Carving Templates

With over 370 versatile pumpkin designs, Zombie Pumpkins can jazz up your party if you are looking for some really quirky and nice carving templates. You can simply sign up on the website and avail its funky stencils.

From unique patterns like Morton the Moon, to movie icons like Dracula, to the cute little creatures for kids like a unicorn, Zombie Pumpkins offers much more beyond the freaky templates. I suggest you to use this site for its fantastic designs of pumpkin carving.


Pinterest Pumpkin Carving Templates

Pinterest is probably the most trending search tool for any template. Its huge collection of pumpkin carving templates is quite amazing too. The Wolf lovers can get a gorgeous Howling Wolf stencil to leave your guests speechless. Then there are extremely cute options with kitties and other little animals. Even the regular scary faces are available in unparalleled styles.

I suggest Pinterest to avail the best Pumpkin carving stencils. Besides the stencils, you can even get some wonderful ideas on how to place them or create kooky creatures out of them.


Family Fresh Meals Pumpkin Carving Templates

This website hosts a collections of more than 200 gorgeous pumpkin carving templates. From Geeky stencils to Star Wars patterns, you can get designs themed on games like Angry Birds.

I highly recommend the templates available on this site for perfectly sized and designed templates for your pumpkin.


Orange and Black Pumpkins Pumpkin Carving Templates

Here, you can get over 150 unusual carving templates to style up your Halloween party this year. Options like Movie heroes and villains, Internet memes, simple faces to traditional designs, the options are plenty.

You can easily download their PDF, get its printout, and carve out your pumpkin with its help- that’s all there is to it. I recommend this site for its latest patterns.


Spook Master Pumpkin Carving Templates

Spook Master has createa a collection of some of the best pumpkin carving templates available on the web. Besides the hundreds of Halloween patterns, you can even get yourself stencils and templates for Christmas and Thanksgiving this year.

There are templates of political and historical figures, unique animals, witches and goblins- precisely, everything can be categorized as a pumpkin carving template.

I recommend Spook Master for its varied selection of stencils for your festive decorations.


Huffington Post Pumpkin Carving Templates

A very popular site for its singularity, at Huffington Post, you can avail some really funny and classy slogan stencils to carve your pumpkins. Besides these, the grumpy cats collections is pretty catchy too. From adorable cartoons like Charlie Brown to your favorite celebrities, the list is endless!

I highly suggest you to check this site out for its greatest collection of pumpkin carving templates.


Pumpkin Lady Pumpkin Carving Templates

Well, you can spend an entire year shortlisting your favorite stencil here. The list is truly never-ending! With more than 700 designs, Pumpkin Lady literally tops the list of pumpkin carving template providers.

Besides offering this enormous list of stencils, you can also learn some really useful tricks and tips to carve out your pumpkin this Halloween. Pumpkin Lady also helps you with a step-by-step process of pumpkin carving, with pictures.

I totally recommend Pumpkin lady to light up your Halloween this season.


Pumpkin Pile Pumpkin Carving Templates

This is officially one of the oldest websites offering a wide range of pumpkin carving templates. Be it the classic jack face, the common cartoon characters or the offbeat vehicle patterns, you can get hundreds of carving templates to pick from.

I highly recommend this site for its amazing bunch of templates. And the best part, you can avail them free of cost!