21 Day Fix Food List (21 Day Fix Food List)

Weight loss. No matter how successful you are in life, you might go downhill when it comes to losing those extra inches. Even for the craziest fitness freaks, Beach Body Program sometimes ends up being a lost battle.

The biggest reason- Food Fixation. People who are the most regular and dedicated to their fitness regime lose out when their favourite food is placed in front of their eyes (and palate). They work out, but are overwhelmed the appropriate diet chart.

So for such gourmands, the 21 Day Fix is the perfect solution. Unlike all the other diet plans, it isn’t about the calorie count. The theory behind this concept goes- ‘don’t eat less; eat right’. The idea is simple, yet immensely profound. You are made to remove the crappy food from your diet and replace it with healthy and delicious alternatives. Today I want to share with you the 21 day fix food list here.

So here’s what it is all about:

What is 21 Day Fix?

21 Day Fix Workout Program is a three week program designed by Autumn Calabrese. It combines the optimum level of workout along with the righteous eating habits that should be adhered to not only through 21 days, but through your entire life.

The creator claims to help you lose as much as 15 lbs in this time frame, although that’s a purely subjective issue.

It is created out of a portion control system that comes with specific sets of foods and a nutritional guide to aid your meal plan organization. The pre-approved food list is distributed among colour coded containers that are founded on their nutritional efficiency. Remember, you are allowed to eat only the quantity that fits in these containers. Check out Amazon to find the appropriate boxes.

This diet plan is nowhere near to a starvation policy that demands you to kill both your fat and energy. In fact, after you get through it, you will end up inheriting more vigour and lesser adipose.

21 Day Fix Food List

Below is the Food List for the 21 Day Fix.

So here is a list of all the coloured containers and their respective food lists:

Green Container (VEGETABLES)

Kale (Raw or cooked)

Watercress (Raw or cooked)

Collard Greens (Raw or cooked)

Spinach (Raw or cooked)

Brussels Sprouts (chopped or 5 medium)

Broccoli (Chopped)

Asparagus (10 large spears)

Beetroot (2 medium)

Tomatoes (chopped, cherry or 2 medium)

Tomatillos (chopped or 3 medium)

Pumpkin, regular or West Indian (chopped)

Squash (sliced)

Chayote Squash (chopped)

Winter Squash, all varieties (cubed)

String Beans

Sweet Peppers (chopped)

Poblano Chiles (chopped)

Banana Peppers (3 medium)

Carrots (sliced or 10 medium baby)

Cauliflower (chopped)

Artichokes (1/2 large)

Eggplant (1/2 medium)


Cactus, Nopales (sliced)

Jicama (sliced)

Snow Peas

Cabbage (chopped)



Lettuce (NOT Iceberg)



Onions (chopped)


Bamboo Shoots

Salsa, fresh or Pico de Gallo ( ½ cup)

Vegetable Broth (2 cups)


Purple Container (FRUITS)





Pomegranate (1 small)

Guava (2 medium)

Starfruit (2 medium)

Passion fruit (3 fruits)

Watermelon (chopped)

Cantaloupe (chopped)

Orange (divided into sections or 1 medium)

Bitter Orange (1 medium)

Tangerine (2 small)

Apple (sliced or 1 small)

Apricots (4 small)

Grapefruit (divided into sections or ½ large)



Kiwi fruit (2 medium)

Mango (sliced)

Peach (sliced or 1 large)

Plum (2 small)

Nectarine (sliced or 1 large)

Pear (sliced or 1 large)

Pineapple (diced)

Banana (½ large)

Green Banana (½ large)

Dwarf Red Banana (1 extra small)

Breadfruit (½ small)

Papaya (chopped)

Figs (2 small)

Honeydew Melon (chopped)

Pumpkin Puree (2/3 cup)

Salsa (Store bought)

Tomato Sauce (plain or marinara)

Applesauce, unsweetened ( ¾ cup)


Red Container (PROTEINS)

Sardines, fresh or canned in water (7 medium)

Boneless, skinless chicken or Turkey breast (cooked or chopped)

Duck breast (cooked or chopped)

Squab (cooked or chopped)

Goat (cooked or chopped)

Lean Ground Chicken or Turkey, about 93% lean (cooked)

Fresh water Fish- Catfish, Tilapia or Trout (cooked or flaked)

Cold water or wild caught Fish- Salmon, Cod, Halibut, Tuna, Mahi Mahi (cooked or flaked)

Game- Buffalo, Bison, Ostrich, Venison or Rabbit (cooked or chopped)

Game- Lean Ground, about 95% lean (cooked or chopped)

Eggs (2 large)

Egg Whites (8 large)

Greek Yogurt, plain (1%)

Kefir, plain 2%, 1 cup

Plain Yogurt, 2%

Shellfish- Shrimp, crab, lobster (cooked)

Clams (canned or drained)

Octopus (cooked or chopped)

Squid (cooked or chopped)

Red Meat, extra lean (cooked or chopped)

Lean Ground red meat, about 95% lean (cooked)

Shakeology (1 scoop)


Tofu, firm

Pork Tenderloin (chopped or cooked)

Tuna, canned light in water (drained)

Turkey Slices, fat free (6)

Ham slices, fat free (6)

Ricotta cheese, light

Cottage cheese, 2 %

Protein powder- whey, hemp, rice or pea (approx 42 g, depending on the variety)

Veggie Burger (1 medium patty)

Turkey Bacon, reduced fat (4 slices)

Beef-based broth (8 cups)


Yellow Container (CARBS)

Sweet Potato

Yams, regular, white or tropical (chopped)

Plantains (sliced or ½ medium)

Quinoa (cooked)

Beans- kidney, black, garbanzo, white, lima, fava, pink or pigeon (cooked or drained)

Lentils (cooked or drained)

Edamame (shelled)

Cassava, yucca (2 oz)


Refreshed Beans, non fat

Brown Rice (cooked)

Wild rice (cooked)

Potato (mashed or ½ medium)

Corn on the cob (1 ear)

Amaranth (cooked)

Millet (cooked)

Buckwheat (cooked)

Barley (cooked)

Bulgur (cooked)

Oatmeal, steel cut or rolled (cooked)

Hominy (cooked)

Pasta, whole grain (cooked)

Couscous, whole wheat (cooked)

Crackers, whole grain (8 small crackers)

Cereal, whole grain, low sugar

Bread, whole grain, 1 slice

Pita Bread, whole wheat (1 small)

Waffles, whole grain (1 waffle)

Pancakes, whole grain (1 small)

English Muffin, whole grain (½ muffin)

Bagel, whole grain (½ small)

Tortilla, whole wheat (1 small)

Tortilla, corn (2 small)

Applesauce, sweetened (¾ cup)

Chicken based Broth (4 cups)


Blue Container (HEALTHY FAT)

Avocado (mashed or ¼ medium)

12 Almonds, whole, raw

8 Cashews, whole, raw

14 Peanuts, whole, raw

20 Pistachios, whole, raw

10 Pecan Halves, raw

8 Walnut halves, raw


Coconut Milk (canned)

Feta Cheese (Crumbled)

Goat Cheese (crumbled)

Mozzarella, low moisture (shredded)

Cheddar cheese (shredded)

Provolone (shredded)

Monterey Jack (shredded)

Parmesan cheese (shredded)

Cotija Cheese (crumbled)

Oaxaca cheese (crumbled)

Queso Fresco (crumbled)


Orange Container (SEEDS, DRESSINGS)

Pumpkin Seeds, raw

Sunflower seeds, raw

Sesame seeds, raw

Flaxseed, ground

Chia seeds, 4 tsp.

Pine nuts

Olives (10 medium)


Coconut, unsweetened (shredded)

21 Day Fix Dressings


Teaspoon (OILS)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Flaxseed oil

Walnut oil

Pumpkin seed oil

Cacao nibs

Nut butters- peanut, almond, cashew, etc.

Seed butters- pumpkin, sunflower, sesame




Free Foods


Lemon and lime juice



Herbs like Parsley, Cilantro (fresh and dry)

Spices (sans salt)



Green onion

Chile varieties- jalapenos, Serrano, ancho, cascabel, pasilla, guajillo, habanero, etc.

Hot sauce, Tabasco or Mexican only

Flavour extracts, pure vanilla, peppermint, almond, etc.

Achiote paste

21 Day Fix Seasoning Mixes

Most of the food items mentioned here can easily be availed at your nearby supermarket. Plus, now that you are already aware of what all you can eat, no need to toss your brains in deciding on the list. Besides, the list is huge enough to let you have some scrumptious foods too.

It’s finally time you put your cooking skills to test. With the right combinations from the various containers, you can fetch yourself a nice meal.

The Workout Regime

You can work out for about 30 minutes every week. With that amount of workout, none of your routine tasks get disturbed. You can easily follow this regime without any excuses or hassles. They are:

  • Total Body Cardio Fix
  • Upper Fix
  • Lower Fix
  • Pilates Fix
  • Cardio Fix
  • Yoga Fix
  • Dirty 30, Bonus Workout

This work out is very easy to follow, can even be practiced at home without any assistance. If you are already an exercise freak, you may find it pretty dull and boring. However, I’d advise you to stick to it religiously.

Within this 21 day regime, you can include a 3 Day Quick Fix Program to turn into a sexier you. It is basically a three day diet plan that aims to maximize your weight loss.

The Final Word

21 Day Fix is an effective way to give your fitness routine a headstart. Especially for amateurs who may find it difficult to control their unhealthy eating habits, this program is downright amazing. I hope you got a good idea of what the 21 day fix food list is now.

With an intensive research on the food items included in this list, you can decide upon the calorie content you want to include in your diet. Say you aim to stay between 1500 and 1800 calories, then you can go for 4 green, 3 purple, 4 red, 3 yellow, 1 blue and 1 orange container with spoons of oils.

21 day fix food list